martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Tus ojos colorados azul y anaranjado.. verde y marrón


"What lies beneath the door?  
What keeps you? 
 Do you take the chance to defeat the source? 
The gates are opening 
The choice The future The future is yours!" 
 So now you've found all you Were looking for
 How you gonna find your way out Of the maze?
 You hear those Jealous hands 
 Those bitter men  Carve their meat 
before the table Is laid  
And they are hungry they are hungry for you  
They are hungry, they are hungry for you 
 With an appetite Insatiable  They are hungry 
They are hungry  For you
  The warm thread of love Leads you, to freedom 
But once your hero's deed Is done
 you leave her lying Lone 
no parasol under slow And solitary suns 
 And she is hungry She is hungry for you 
She is hungry for you 
With an appetite So generous 
She is hungry  She is hungry For you  
Now  Why no surrender To your lover? 
Or to the dead ends of the maze? 
With all your life yet to discover
 A black sail billows 
The sun Hits your blade 
.....We all want to be heroes...


Hoy me enteré de que el candidato a delegado del PSD en Coyoacán, se llama Tony Mendez... y su primera Fender se la regaló Sergio Arau!!!!! Además, creo que es el actual dueño del rockotitlán.

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


Atracción, atracción, atracción, repulsión.
Tal vez un día un rayo cósmico le pegue a la Tierra y tú y yo podremos estar a la distancia que estaba diseñada para nosotros.... sea cual sea.

But all I've ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you